Other services

Besides general services, car repairs, tyre replacement we provide all type sof services connected with regular everyday use of your vehicle.

We prepare your vehicle for MOT test
We prepare your vehicle and we arrange it to go through the MOT tes without any problems. If you would like to we could also provide the test itself so that you don’t have to take care about anything.
Chiptuning, DPF
We provide chiptuning, DPF removal, speed limiters removal, software removal of EGR, intake valves, ADblue. 


Why you should come with your vehicle to Autoservis Prchal

  • We have been providing car repairs since 2004. We follow current trends – and we use the most modern equipment. So that we can arrange also the most demanding repairs fully professionally.
  • We are aware of the fact that reliability protects the most valuable things for you – your lives and your close relatives‘ lives. We prepare your vehicle the way that you can maximally rely on it also in extreme conditions.
  • We provide repairs in as short time as possible also without ordering in advance – We try to satisfy all your needs. If it is possible, we take care of your car immediately. If not, we offer the closest date possible.
  • We guarantee the quality. – We provide guarantee for our work and all parts. All our parts are of a certified origin.
Location of car repair shop and tyre service Roman Prchal